MIRO-E Software

The downloads immediately below are the latest available. Historical releases are available for download also, but are unlikely to be of use to most users.
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Current Release (190518)


MiRoCODE is the standalone education engine supporting development of control code for simulated and physical robots through a web browser.

Follow these instructions to install MiRoCODE on your Windows, Mac OS or Linux workstation.

For guidance on how to connect MiRoCODE to your physical MiRo-E click here.

Download MiRoCODE here.

MIROapp is the Android app that allows you to connect to your robot initially, and perform software and hardware maintenance and diagnostics.

Using the MIROapp, you can update the software on-board your robot to the latest release.

Most users should download MIROapp from the Google Play store page.

Users who cannot use the Google Play store can instead download direct.


MIRO Developer Kit is the suite of software including everything required for working with a MIRO robot, either simulated or physical.

To install the MDK on your workstation, follow the instructions on the Install MDK page of the documentation.

Download the MDK here.

Previous Releases

Release 190407


Release 190211

MDK, MIROapp Direct Download.