MIRO-E Software

Our releases are date-coded, rather than versioned. For example, "191016" is the version released at 2019 October the 16th.

Current Release (230105)

This is the current release and will be suitable for most users. Unless you know otherwise, download this release.

Please read the RELEASE NOTES first.


The MIRO Developer Kit (MDK) is the software package that you install on your workstation. It includes everything required for working with a MIRO robot, either simulated or physical.

Download the MDK here, then follow the instructions on the Install MDK documentation page.


MiRoApp is the software that you install on your mobile device to connect and configure your robot. It connects to your robot via Bluetooth, and can help connect your robot to the wireless network, switch between operation modes, configure behaviour at start-up, perform software and hardware maintenance, as well as offering some basic diagnostics.

Most users should download MiRoApp from the Google Play store page (for Android) or from the Apple Store (for iOS). Users who cannot use the Google Play store can instead download direct.


Before you update the software on the robot itself, please first update MiRoApp on your handset.

Please follow the guidance for the software update page of MiRoApp. This will walk you through using MiRoApp to update the software and firmware on your robot.

Historical Releases

Historical releases may have bugs or missing features. Download these only if you need them to support legacy applications.

Release 210921


Release 210210


Release 200720


Release 200131


Release 191016

MDK, MiRoApp Direct Download.

Release 190828

MDK, MiRoApp Direct Download.

Release 190518

MDK, MiRoApp Direct Download.

Release 190407


Release 190211

MDK, MiRoApp Direct Download.


MiRoCode has moved online

MiRoCode is the education engine supporting development of control code for simulated and physical robots through a web browser. It can be accessed through our online access portal, MiRoCLOUD. Please click here to get started.

Use with physical robot

Please note that MiRoCODE is only compatible with the MiRo-E robots. For guidance on how to connect MiRoCode to your physical MiRo-E, please click here.