MIRO Developer Kit

The downloads immediately below are for the most recent edition of the MIRO Developer Kit (MDK), tagged 170616.

Current Release 170616

MDK (Complete Edition)
MIRO Developer Kit is the suite of software including everything required for working with a MIRO robot, either simulated or physical. It comes with support for updating the software on a physical robot; this is the only item not included in the Lite Edition.
MDK (Lite Edition)
MDK Lite is like the complete MIRO Developer Kit, but "lite"-er. It comes without support for updating the software on a physical robot, making for a much smaller download, but provides complete support for developing with a physical robot or for running the simulator.
MIROapp Direct Download
The MIROapp, the Android application for interfacing with your MIRO over Bluetooth, is included with all MDK editions, but it is included here as a direct download for convenient installation on your Android device. Follow this link on your device to install the app directly.

Previous Releases

Release 170423

MDK (Complete Edition), MDK (Lite Edition), MIROapp Direct Download.