MiRoapp is the configuration and diagnostic tool for your robot. It is available for Android and iOS.

MiRoapp offers the following functions.

Because MiRoapp is the configuration tool for MiRo, this section also covers all configuration options for the robot.


The MiRoapp is supported on Android Marshmallow or later. The Android device must have a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio attached—recent smart phones and tablets will usually include this component.

You can download MiRoapp from the MiRo-E Software page.

Getting started

I am a demonstrator

If you only want to run the demo, open MiRoapp, connect to your robot, go to the Controller page, and start the demo controller.

For notes and suggestions on how to wrangle your MiRo-E in demo mode, please visit the Wrangling page.

I am a developer

If you only want to get connected to your robot, open MiRoapp, connect to your robot, provide the username and password for your wifi network, and reboot. When you reconnect with MiRoapp after the reboot, you'll be able to read back the IP address your robot has been assigned, and get started with the On-board or Off-board developer profile.

I want to know more

For a walkthrough of everything that MiRoapp provides, start here.