Remote settings dialog

The "Remote settings" dialog allows for pairing a remote control.

Currently, only PS4 Dualshock is supported.
Model CUH-ZCT2E is known to work. Earlier models CUH-ZCT2 and CUH-ZCT1 have not yet been tested.

Once a controller has been paired and is turned on, you can use the Controller manager to start the remote controller.


If the robot is already paired with a controller, you will need to unpair it before attempting to pair a different controller.

Open the remote settings dialog, select 'Unpair ...', and press OK. The dialog will close and the home page will indicate 'Remote: not set'.


This page describes the controller buttons.

If the robot is not paired with a controller, you will need to pair it with a controller before using the remote control feature.

Before you start, your controller must be off. If it is on, hold the PS button for up to ten seconds to force it to turn off. The indicator light on the back will go out.

If the process fails, turn off the controller, reboot the robot (if necessary, try without this step first), unpair the controller (if the home page does not show 'Remote: not set'), and go through the above process again.