Generally, maintenance of MiRo's software is performed using the Software manager in MiRoapp.

However, if MiRo's software becomes corrupted, or is sufficiently out-of-date that it is difficult to run the update, you can bring your robot up to date instead by reflashing the SD card that carries the system software.

Reflashing the SD card will erase all data stored on MiRo - be sure to remove all data that you want to keep from the robot before following the procedure on this page.


Download the image file

You may be provided with a link to an image file by a support engineer. A link to the latest file at time of writing (July 2023) is below.


Remove SD card

Remove the Body shell.

The SD card is accessible on the rear-facing edge of the Raspberry Pi, on the right hand side of the robot, circled in green in the accompanying image.

Remove the card from the Raspberry Pi, noting the orientation (contacts towards the right side of the robot).

It may be easier to extract using tweezers or (gently) with a pair of narrow pliers.

Flash SD card

To reflash the SD card, please use your preferred tools as provided by your workstation. If you are using a supported workstation (Ubuntu or Mint LTS) or a similar Debian system, one way to write the card is by using the commands given below.


You must replace the token sdXXX with the correct designation of the SD card as mounted on your system. The output of lsblk can be helpful in establishing this, but you should satisfy yourself of this before proceeding since data loss may otherwise result.

$ lsblk ... $ gunzip -c 221217_miro_production_image_R210921.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdXXX bs=1M ...
These commands will erase the contents of a drive attached to your workstation - please ensure that the correct drive (the SD card) is specified to avoid data loss.

Replace SD card

Refit the SD card to where it was removed from, ensuring it slides all the way home into the slot.

Refit the Body shell.

Reboot the robot

Start the robot in the usual way, and enter the Software manager page to confirm the new software version.