Headers are provided to help with building clients to work with MiRo from C/C++. You can find these at ~/mdk/include. In addition, ROS message headers are at ~/mdk/catkin_ws/install/include.


The constants are divided between ~/mdk/include/firmware/miro_firmware_constants.h and ~/mdk/include/miro_software_constants.h. Each constant is provided as a preprocessor #defines of the form MIRO_<constant_name>.

For a description of the individual constants, see Constants for Python; constant names in Python are the same, but without the MIRO_ prefix.


The Utilities provided in Python are not currently reflected in the C support; please contact support if you have particular needs.


We provide a template (and example) C++ ROS client—see Templates.

Most of the documentation uses Python as an example development language, however C/C++ users will find that all the same things are possible.
Reading the Examples provided in Python will be helpful for understanding how to use the interfaces.