On your workstation, install the robot simulator Gazebo only if you plan to work with a simulated MiRo robot. If you plan to work with physical MiRo, you do not need the simulator.

There are many web resources that will help you to install Gazebo, but you should read the notes here before you proceed to ensure you install the correct version.

Do not install gazebo7 package, because this is not updated regularly. Instead, install ros-kinetic-gazebo-dev which provides the version that marries up with your ROS installation (at time of writing, Gazebo 7.14.0).

$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-gazebo-dev


Restart your bash prompt and you should now be able to invoke the simulator as follows.

$ gazebo --verbose ...
If the Gazebo window appears and then disappears immediately, you may have a problem with your graphics driver. You may find more information at the bottom of dmesg.