In this profile, the controller runs on the on-board Raspberry Pi computer, and exchanges signals with the robot directly.

The robot exposes its sensors and motors through its ROS interface. Even though the controller is running on the on-board computer, it still talks to the robot through this network interface, so a controller built for this profile is essentially the same as one built for the other profiles.

Getting Started

To get started with this profile, you need to login to MiRo. You can then run one of the provided example controllers, and go from there.

$ cd ~/mdk/bin/shared $ ./client_test.py yaw ...

When you follow the procedure above, you'll see MiRo's head turning from side to side. This is running the provided controller client_test in mode yaw. Press CTRL+C to stop the controller.

Now, use the file client_test.py (or any of the other controllers in that folder, some of them are simpler than others) as a starting point for your own development.

Above, this profile uses the MDK installed on the robot; for other profiles, you will need to install an MDK on your workstation.