Before you can log in to the on-board computer you must use MiRoapp to provide network credentials so that the robot can connect to your local network.

If you choose to connect your robot to a network, it immediately presents a security risk.
See the Information Security section of the Owner's Guide for guidance on specific risks, and advice on steps you might take to mitigate these.
In all cases, the first step you should take to mitigate these risks is to change the password—do this immediately after connecting your robot to the network.

Recover IP address

Once connected, you will need the network address (aka 'IP address') of the robot in order to communicate with it.

You can recover the network address either from the MiRoapp home page (look for 'IP address' under 'System Information') or by listening to the spoken announcement at boot (if that is enabled, look for setting 'Speak network address' on the same page).

If you have assigned a static IP address to your robot (via DHCP or by configuring the network interface on-board) you may already know the network address, and can use this directly.