The MiRoapp connects to your MiRo using the Bluetooth interface. MiRoapp can be used to configure the wireless network (provide credentials so MiRo can connect), configure MiRo's own networking (ROS configuration), and to recover information about MiRo's status (such as current wireless network address and battery state). It also provides access to diagnostic and demonstration modes.

I am a demonstrator

If you only want to run the demo, you need to install the app, connect to your robot, and start the demo controller.

For a walkthrough on how to use the MiRoapp please start here. For notes and suggestions on how to wrangle your MiRo-E please visit the Wrangling page.

I am a developer

The usual way to get connected to MiRo over the network is to first use MiRoapp to connect it to the network and recover its network address. Diagnostic controllers will also be of use to the developer.


The MiRoapp is supported on Android Marshmallow or later. The Android device in use must have a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio attached—recent smart phones and tablets will usually include this component.

You can download MiRoapp from the MiRo-E Software page.