What is this thing?

Apart from naturalistic stimuli, it's become apparent that MiRo will also respond with special behaviours to the presence of a mysterious artefact, pictured here.

Researchers working in our lab have now developed what they believe to be a reasonably accurate model of the object—which they have taken to calling "MiRocube"—and have provided us with this document. Print it onto an A4 piece of card (at least 160gsm, prefer 200gsm or greater) and you'll soon have your own MiRocube to experiment with. Present it to MiRo where it can be seen, in good light, and you may see some of these behaviours for yourself[1].

In our own experiments, we've seen that some of the faces of the cube seem to make MiRo happy, whilst others he doesn't seem to like very much at all. Inexplicably, he does not appear to respond at all to the face labelled with the number 5. If you manage to learn any more about that, we'd particularly like to hear about it.

[1] MiRo must be in demo mode to respond to MiRocube.