This section of the documentation will instruct you in how to look after a physical MiRo robot, from unboxing, through configuration, to maintenance.

You can build a home for your MiRo if you like, but it is not a requirement.

Table of contents

Things you should know before you start using MiRo.
What you should find in the box.
How to turn your MiRo on and off.
MiRoapp provides a basic configuration interface.
How to install and get started with MiRoapp.
Scan for nearby robots.
Commonly-used configuration options and information displays.
Network settings dialog details.
ROS settings dialog details.
Remote settings dialog details.
Installed software and update facility.
Tools for tweaking the robot physical calibration.
Management of on-board controllers.
Control your robot with a gamepad.
A description of demo mode.
Options for adjusting the demo mode.
Hints on working with a MiRo in demo mode.
MiRo's cubular friend.
Log in to the robot's terminal interface.
Connect to a network and recover the network address.
Log in to MiRo's on-board computer.
A look around the logged-in environment.
User-editable configuration files.
Flags for controlling the low-level robot configuration.
Network settings for unusual circumstances.
How to transfer files to and from your robot.